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It's as simple as...

1. Choose your area for bronzing

- Full Body (Face Included)

- Limited (Face + Legs OR upper body)

-Face + Neck Only

2. Choose Solution

Native: Our signature Native Solution provides the typical “sleep-on-it” option clients have been using for years. Best for those coming in for late evening appointments – you can go home after your application, go to bed + the results will set while you sleep! Please wait at least 10-12 hours for your tan to set before showering. Results will fully develop in 24 hours.

Rapid: With our signature Rapid Solution you are able to shower only 4-6 hours after your application. Great for those who cannot wait 10-12 hours to shower. Rinse off 4 hours after your application for a light glow, 5 hours after for a medium tan, or 6 hours after for a deeper tan.

Studio Services: Services


$10 for Native, $12 for Rapid

Face + Neck Only

Latin Model
It's that time again !! Fall is approaching which means that sun glow is fading but lucky for you, _


$17 for Native, $20 for Rapid

Face + Legs OR Upper Body


$30 for Native, $35 for Rapid

Face included

FEEL GOOD THIS HOLIDAY SEASON __ get that summer glow! Come in with your bestie for the 2 for $40 de
Pineapple by the Sea


$50 minimum

To make this process even easier, we'll come to you!
(Rates subject to change due to location + solution choice)


Party of 4-9: $40 per person 10-12: $35 per person 

Tanning parties are a great way to bring friends together and share a fun night of pampering. Boost your confidence, look instantly slimmer and toned…and don’t forget your teeth looking whiter! In no time, you and your friends will look as though you have just returned from an exotic vacation, but we won’t tell you never left the living room. And if you are worried about your shape or size, please don’t! We spray tan all different shapes and sizes.
Also, as the hostess/host, if you invite 5 or more friends that tan, you receive your Shady Tan FREE!

Disclaimer: To ensure the best experience possible, please read the following before scheduling your party!
20% gratuity will be included in the final total.
A final headcount of attending guests is required 24 hours in advance, to allow your technician to allot the appropriate amount of time for your party.
A credit card is required to schedule a tanning party. PLEASE NOTE: no charges will be made until the party is concluded.
Any cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance of the scheduled party. Any cancellations within 72 hours will result in a fee of half of the scheduled total.
The host / hostess is responsible for obtaining payment from his / her guests.
Unfortunately, regardless of party size, only one free tan is included.
Mobile surcharge may apply depending on your location, please inquire prior to booking.

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